Myco Fusion Hydro 110

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Myco-Fusion Hydro Green 110 is Suspendable!

Myco-Fusion Hydro Green 110 is a micronized version of the Green 150. It has gone through a milling process which micronizes the product, making it a "suspendable" mycorrhizae.

Myco-Fusion Hydro Green 110 consists of the same seven species as the Green 150 of Endomycorrhizae. It can be used in a tea or applied directly to the roots (which is highly recommended) both an extremely efficient use of the product for inoculating a plant, as well as being cost effective.

Keep in mind that if you have already planted and missed that opportunity to dress the roots directly, you can add Myco-Fusion Hydro Green 110 directly to the water to drench the root zone, getting pure inoculation even after you missed the planting period.

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