Round Bottom Geopot Fabric Pot

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Our Round Bottom Geopots offer the benefits of air-pruning and breathability found in normal Geopots, in a slightly slimmer, vase-like shape. Round bottom Geopots are approximately 1" taller than our typical Geopot. Best when used for ornamental or decorative plants, herbs, and climbing plants in conjunction with the soil of your choice. 

Designed with function and durability at the forefront, Geopot Fabric Pots combine excellent breathability for heat regulation, high drainage, and sturdy construction to deliver a long lasting, dependable fabric pot product. The geotextile fabric is made from BPA free plastics, and the marine-grade thread performs season after season - in even the harshest salt and moisture laden conditions. Geopot fabric pots boast some of the thickest fabric material on the market, and are easily reusable and washable at the end of a season. 

  • Aerated fabric pot - promotes healthy roots through air pruning, leading to better fruit and higher yields.
  • Durable, washable, reusable for up to 5 cycles, making them  a great buy for commercial and personal growers alike.
  • Self-supporting square bottom design
  • Strong marine-grade stitching on handles and quad-stitch seam
  • Allows proper water drainage, and naturally keeps roots cool.