Trim Bin

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Don’t Sacrifice Comfort and Good Health for a Clean Trim.

Trim Bin is an effective and high-functioning trim tray system that does not sacrifice comfort and good health. Harvest More has designed a product wherein the functionality of tasks is compatible with human well-being. Ergonomics is employed to fulfill the twin goals of well-being and productivity. Tasks that involve repetitive motion can be detrimental to one’s health and posture. To prevent repetitive stress injury it is important to utilize ergonomically sound equipment and tools like the Trim Bin.

Many years of experience have allowed Harvest More to fine tune every angle, curve, and dimension to make the Trim Bin a valuable tool for the most labor intensive phase of your operation.

The Trim Bin is the best made two tier trim tray on the market and represents our dedication to providing gardeners with the best possible harvest experience.

The Trim Bin is available in Silver or Black.