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“Way better than Smartpots, which are a waste of money because [they're] only good for a season. I personally wouldn't grow in any other pot. GeoPot for life!”

—Mike Vanleuvan

“My first year growing in these GeoPot bags has been phenomenal! It produces so much food with the roots coming back up and starting new plants, so simple, portable, and breathable. HIGHLY recommend them.”

—June Ribaldi

“Super sturdy pots, very impressed with the quality of construction.”

—Jake Stanley

"These are built better than any other brand I've sampled, with thicker fabric and more stitching."


“I planted tomatoes in my GeoPots, and they're the best ever. The GeoPot allows excess water to drain out and the soil to stay moist but not water-logged. They're easy to move around, even the 10-gallon ones."

—P.W. Corgi