3/4" PVC Connectors

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Our 3/4" PVC Connectors are great for constructing trellis structures in a flash, and have excellent durability! 

3-Way Connectors are ideal for forming corner brackets at the top of your trellising structure, and can also be used as replacement corner brackets for your GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Beds. 

4-Way Connectors make converting your GeoPlanter easy - just swap out your 3-way connectors at the corners and add some vertical 3/4" PVC. 

5-Way Connectors are ideal for adding a supporting brace for your trellis at the center of larger rectangular planters, like the 4'x8' Geoplanter! Replace your 4-way connectors at the center with these 5-way connectors to support those heavy harvests bringing your trellis down!